Wednesday, June 12, 2013

MOMS Club Mother's Tea and Fundraiser 2013

I was so sad when I realized I couldn't attend our local MOMS Club Annual Mother's Day Tea and Fundraiser this year. There isn't much tea drinking these days.. just great food and drinks with my mommy friends that I don't see on a regular basis but still really value our friendships... Alas, I had family plans that day but Park Talk Printables donated the decor. (As long as I'm a member, I wouldn't let my girls down!)

All any great party needs is a splash of color here and there and a basic "theme" to tie it all together. You may remember last year's Tea link (because I JUST posted it a few weeks ago) and 2011 link.

When I think of Mother's Day, flowers come to mind (hint, hint, wink wink hubby).
Pink and Orange is such a vibrant combination, I knew it would help lighten up the dark wood decor at the local Italian restaurant that it was being held at.

My other personal theme "was keep it simple".. that's a tough one for me but I had another big party the same week and didn't want to take away from those projects.. hey a paying gig has priority. :)

Focusing on a few key items, here's what I came up with.. BTW sometimes the best kind of jobs are unstructured..Nobody requested multiple proofs/changes and I got to do WHATEVER I wanted. :)

Centerpieces: A simple mason jar. I try to keep these on hand for either canning food (imagine that) or for a quick vase. I heart mason jars of all sizes... I wrapped a printed band around the jar and added paper flowers (left overs from a fiesta party earlier in the week). The band could have been larger so you you couldn't see inside the jar but that was one of my last things printed and I just went with it.

Name Tags/Corsages: Being our Mother's DayTea we often have new/newer members attend this popular event so we usually wear name tags. Last year you may remember I created paper flowers.. this year I was all about fabric and hair clippies. Combining the two, I created a hair clippie that the ladies could attach to their lapel with a hanging name tag that could be removed. After the party, pop it onto a beach bag, summer purse, or even your child's hair.. if you're feeling saucy, put it in your own hair! O'le!

For display I clipped them to my daughter's framed clippie holder that I made for her room.. come to think of it, I have another one hanging in my office for the clippies that I sell.

Close up of fabric flower clippie.. used a knit fabric to give it some texture.
231 circles later.. me and my trusty hot glue gun got to work!
Look around your house.. lots of items you use every day can be used for party decor.. I love using vintage bowls and things I've made for other projects.
Welcome Sign:  Because raffle tickets were involved, I created a sign reminding moms of the prices and welcomed them to the party. It's hard to get away sometimes and leave the kids at home with dad and we appreciated everyone that was able to make it. Except me of course!!

Raffle Boxes and Silent Auction Sheets: Being a fundraiser, raffle boxes and Bid sheets are pretty important.. nothing says they can't be pretty looking too. :)
Recognized the butterfly boxes from last year?.. this year I created in Pink and Orange to match. I created a circle tag for one of the board members to hand write the donations and values. Ladies put the raffle tickets inside.
Silent Auction sheets were "fill in the blank" for the board members. Of course they had to match too!
Banner: I created a coordinating design and print banner. Anyone could print and cut, then tape to a matching ribbon.

Here's the banner hanging on my living room curtains.
close up of banner
If you're a new mom, the MOMS Club is a wonderful organization comprised of mostly stay at home moms. I've created so many lasting friendships through this group of ladies and consider myself lucky to have found them. If you contact your local MOMS Club organization and you don't hear back.. try again. They are made up of volunteer mommies that sometimes are overwhelmed with LIFE... you'll be glad you joined.

Just wait for the Fiesta Party who's flowers inspired the ones used here... coming soon!

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