Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Poker Anyone? I'm All In!

 When I first met my husband I swear we were always playing some form of Poker... I have such great memories of those nights. Then we started a family and late nights were no longer filled with cards and friends, but family movie nights, and an early kiddo bedtime. Our house is too small too host so a few months ago I convinced a friend to invite us over.

As a surprise, I brought along a little "Abrams' Poker Night" decor. Ok, most poker nights there is no she-she foo-foo involved... just cocktails, paper plates, pizza, and chips (poker and potato).

This was a poker party a girl would throw or in my case, just a good excuse to get us together to play some cards and show off my party skills!
Ok, not every poker night deserves tulle but Red and Black can be Oh So Fabulous. Notice the trim is a black feather boa?, perfect for Bunko Night or Couples Poker. The tulle is just pinned to a black tablecloth from the underside. Easily removed and now a future TuTu. :)

A close up of the banner.. just used Foam Core Board covered in wrapping paper. An old deck of cards was hot glued to red ribbon and I printed out a fan of cards with the "Abrams' Poker Night" logo 
Had to used my favorite Cake Pop/Cupcake Stand. I used a beaded sash instead of ribbon for an accent. The little frame is one of my favorite dollar finds from Michael's. I've used them tons of times!
Strawberries.. trying to be healthy AND it matched my color theme.. added just a strip of paper underneath so as the berries disappeared, the serving plate was still cute.

Close up of the cupcakes.. "I'm All In" was the theme of the night I tried to attend Fondant Cards..the food markers I had didn't work so great so glad I only tried a few.
When partaking in cocktails, it's a MUST to also offer water (and some mini cupcakes for in between hands)
Poker Queen (it was around my birthday and I wanted a little extra pizzaz at the table.. Wine glass from the 99 cent store, a little Modge Podge, glitter, and glass etching cream.. Voila!

All other guests got "Abrams' Poker" glasses. Some weren't drinking so we served water or juice in these. Those that were enjoyed a cold beer and cocktail in style
"I'm All In" for poker again!!

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