Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Train Party

Last summer I was asked to help a friend with her little guy's 4th birthday. Like LOTS of little boys I know, he was infatuated with trains. I have to admit, after attending his party at Travel Town in Los Angeles... so was I! 

What a great place to take the kids. The party was held on a private train car. All guests got to go on a train ride around the property and of course the decor was super cute, cuz that's just what happens when Park Talk Printables gets involved. (hee hee) By coincidence, the car she was assigned to was red and blue inside, how did they know??

Kids and parents had a great time watching the model trains and climbing aboard a few non-working old trains. If you have a little (or old) one who loves trains, this is a great location for a party.

If you need help with your train party.. let me know!

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