Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mother's Tea 2012

Every year our MOMS Club plans a Mother's Day Tea and Fundraiser. All our members and their mothers are invited to attend and raise money for local charities.

It's a great way to honor ourselves and our friends that encourage and inspire us.

2012 was my 2nd year planning the decor for the party.

The theme for 2012 was Moms Who Play Together, Grow Together.

It all started with the design of a sign. I then created about a million watering cans to use as raffle boxes for each item.

 Flower pin name tags were created by cutting out four scalloped circles, scrunching up the paper and separating the cardstock in half. It gave the "petals" a really soft texture. The ladies wrote their names on the tags but could then throw that part away after the party and keep the pin to decorate a purse, etc.
This Tea Party banner was actually created for the Alice in Wonderland Tea in 2011 Link but since I used the same paper pack it fit in perfectly.

 These are the watering cans set up for the event. Each was labeled with the item. 
Because they were a bit labor intensive, I also created a simpler butterfly box. 
We also had bid sheets for the silent auction to match.
 Our President created this photo display and used it at a National MOMS Club function earlier in the year.
Paper products can really dress up an event. 


One of our members came up with this idea so one afternoon we got together and created pull tab cans filled with peanut M&Ms. The moms thought they were great. Basically using a can opener that doesn't cut the ridge, we emptied out 35 or so fruit cocktail cans. Washed and dried the cans. Filled them, placed a piece of tissue paper, then hot glued the bottom of the can back on. Added labels that I created to match our decor and then tied two coordinating ribbons on top.

Park Talk Printables made donation to raffle (as if cutting 25 watering cans and butterfly boxes wasn't enough work, hee hee).. 

I went into my gift closet and found a few family games and jazzed up some snacks. Who doesn't love Popcorn, chocolate chip cookies and Candyland?

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