Friday, May 13, 2011

Sweet Tweets 1st Birthday

Here's a previous blog about my little one's first birthday. Birdies and Owls are big trends when it comes to 1st birthdays. (Ladybugs and butterflies too) but birdies and owls can be for either a boy or a girl.

First birthdays for me are about expressing your love for your little one and showing everyone with amazement on how much they've changed since their little birth announcement was sent out.

Don't forget a smash cake and decorations for the highchair.

Original post date November 3, 2009

Cake Smash Photos done by Faber Photography from West Bend, WI - extremely talented family friend.

On Saturday, October 31st we had a great party to celebrate Cheeky Monkey's very first birthday. In attendance were close friends and family members, every single person there loves her so much and it was a perfect celebration. The theme was "Sweet Tweets" - birdies and yummy treats galore. No orange and black this year.. just pink everywhere!

The kids played 'pin the candle on the cupcake', and guessed the number of Cheerios in a jar (874). They were able to decorate their own cupcakes and enjoy bubbles and sidewalk chalk outside. We had Wiggles and other kid's favorites on the iPod and everyone seemed to enjoy the ginormous cupcakes, and croissant sandwiches.

Cheeky Monkey was in a wonderful mood after taking nap and looked oh so adorable in her cupcake birthday dress. We were so excited to see her little friends make it and they all played on the floor together.. chowing down on Gerber Puffs. Even her BFF (and birthday twin) was in attendance despite having to get ready for her own birthday party later that afternoon!

It was a whirlwind two hours that both went by very fast, and seemed to last much longer all at the same time. We didn't open gifts with everyone in attendance but spent Sunday afternoon doing so. Everyone was so generous!

I know Monkey won't remember it, but it's one I'll never forget. It's bittersweet as our little one grows up. We want her to grow big and start walking but those sleepless nights I never thought would end are now fading from my memory and it makes me sad to think she won't ever sleep across my stomach or nurse for hours on end.. ok, maybe I won't miss that much but you get the idea! Our cheeky monkey will always be our baby, whether she likes it or not! :)

This is the pumpkin we carved and were going to bring it to the party but it became rotten within 12 hours... just can't get a pumpkin to keep like you used to!

Party details

This is the invitation I designed and printed.. Recognize the tree? I used elements from a design I painted in her nursery and I think they turned out pretty cute.

Gift Bag for the kids and her guestbook

Birthday Banner (horrible photo!)

Tissue balls thumbtacked to the wall.

Table with photo slideshow

Table Signs

A cake as big as her head.. no cake smash.. just a tasting of the frosting is all

Birthday girl and her Daddy. Sometimes your little one won't have as much fun as your guests for this first party.. Naps aren't always predictable and all the attention can be a little overwhelming. Have something there that you know they'll enjoy. It all goes so very fast!

The winner of Pin the Candle on the Cupcake.. he may have peeked a little

Cupcake decorating station

One happy guest enjoying his cupcake

Impromptu baby races!

Gift Table- personalized with photo of birthday girl from her cake smash photo session.

Babies enjoying snacks on the floor

Just before all the guests arrive, take lots of detail photos, and a deep breath! In two hours.. you'll be cleaning up all your hard work!

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