Monday, May 23, 2011

Baked Perfection - a cookie obsession

It was at a recent baby shower that I discovered an awesome local vendor for cookies! 

Paula Swain is the owner/designer of Baked Perfection, a mother-daughter company out of Ventura. I was so impressed with my cookie that I immediately went home and found her website. The cookies they make are nothing short of amazing. The best part is they taste wonderful too! It's obvious that they don't cut corners on quality. The cookies are super thick and most designs are 4-5", that's a big cookie! 

The designs shown on her website are absolutely adorable but they can also be personalized for your special event. There is a minimum order of one dozen cookies and they do start around $3.50/cookie but if this is your main party favor, that's about what you'd spend on a bag full of "party junk", right? I think we all have enough spinning tops and small boxes of crayons. I'd much rather have a sweet treat to take home.

If you're looking for something special for your next event, I would suggest checking out all the designs at Baked Perfection. Tell them, Angela at Park Talk Printables sent you!

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  1. oh, these look so YUMMY! They are almost too cute to eat. I guess I could manage to eat one if you twisted my arm...LOL