Friday, May 13, 2011

Juice in the City - Coming to Ventura County

One of my favorite things about being a part of a group of ladies is sharing any hot tips I've found in and around town.. from free classes for our kids to to great clearance items at Target.

You've probably heard me say this before but as a stay at home mom, I really feel my new found "job" is to save my family money. I'm forever looking for a bargain on everything! (yes, I do have a mini-stockpile happening. Let me know if you run out of deodorant and I'll be right over!)

I'm a huge fan of those daily deal websites we've all heard of by now. But, more likely than not these "deals" end up in my trash folder because they don't pertain to my busy life as a mom. Yes, half off kayaking would be nice, if only I had the time, and the energy!

When I heard they were launching a Ventura County version of
Juice in the City, I thought I'd check it out. It's just like those deal of the day sites except for a few key things that I absolutely love..

First of all, my favorite part is, it's a site for moms that's ran by moms! That's right! When I heard this, I thought it was genius! Each day, they feature an awesome deal that a local mom near you has personally recommended.

Their sales force of local moms (Local Business Consultants) find the deal and write it up so you can get in on the deal too!
Bonus: They write hilarious stories about the crazy-fun activities. You may have thought my personal blog was well written, these ladies are great writers!

Secondly, you'll find
local deals that support our local business owners. In this economy if I can help a small business stay in business, AND get a great bargain, I'm all for that! I love finding hidden gems in my own community.

No way am I driving to L.A. for some cupcakes... darn those deals that are killed by the gas money I'd spend getting there AND darn those cupcake deals (says my gut.. not me, I love those deals.. my pants, not so much!)

It's easy to get started.
Go to the
site and sign up for an account. That way you won't miss out if you see a deal late in the day. If you're like me, 10 pm is when I finally get down to answering emails and cleaning out my inbox. (Who am I kidding.. I have 19,859 emails in my inbox!)

Then you just wait for a deal that you're interested in. When you purchase a deal, you’ll receive an email with a link to sign in and print your JITC Deal Code. The following day, you may print out the voucher and use your deal. The JITC Deal Code has redemption instructions included. (Always read the fine print on each deal before purchasing, they're very good at spelling out the particulars)

It's not complicated. If you want the deal, you can get it….no need for a certain amount of people to sign up before you can buy it. Deals generally expire at midnight….and they accept all major credit cards.

Good News for us forgetful mommies: If you accidentally let your voucher “expire”, you can still get the equivalent value of services you paid from the vendor, you are just not guaranteed that specific deal.

There honestly is no other opinion you can trust more than a fellow mom. We are known to be picky, voice our opinions, and expect the best! That’s how I know
Juice in the City will be an amazing addition to our area.

The launch begins on Monday so get ready, as I’ll be bringing you some “juicy deals” I spot occasionally from
Juice in the City. I've seen the list for the next few weeks and there's some good stuff coming up including a Roxy Theater deal you may not want to miss.

Angela D

Full Disclosure: I was compensated for my time sharing Juice In The City with you. All opinions and views are 100% mine. I believe in blogging with integrity. I am a member so I wanted to remind you that MOMS Club of Camarillo East does not endorse any listed websites or companies.

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