Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gift Giving Booklet - Sometimes the package is as special as the gift.

I recently blogged about a Wedding gift I created to elegantly give gift cards to the happy couple. They're family and I knew they wanted cash to save up for a larger home more than towels or pans. Our booklet of gift cards was the next best thing (in my opinion).

ANYHOO... about a week later, I had an occasion to be a part of another group gift. This time it was from our Preschool Board to a member that was moving to Korea for a few years. Her family was going to be deeply missed. The board members all pitched in and purchased her a locket with charms from Origami Owl. If you haven't heard of this company, I'd be surprised... many have tried to imitate the idea but their quality is really great and prices are so reasonable. Basically you can purchase a clear glass locket and fill it with "charms" that have special meaning and add a stamped plate along with jewels, etc. Our designer Anna was great to work with. If you click on the above link, you'll go to her page. (I'm not affiliated with them in any way)

So, we were giving her a locket, but of course I couldn't just put in a box and call it a day... NO!

Here's the locket

Here's what I created... (again, click on the images to read the text)

 THE FRONT PAGE wishing her well.
I put the locket in a petal envelope (easy to make). Having the book closed, helped to keep it secure.
Each charm went into a small glassine envelope (I had these from my wedding in 2007, love when something I've hoarded comes in handy!) A strip of matching card stock made a nice handle to pull out the envelope.

Here it is, all wrapped with a bow! Of course, once the gift is opened, the packaging doesn't have much use but hopefully it was fun to open and gave our friend the meaning behind each charm we carefully chose just for her.

Have you ever created a package as pretty and as special as the gift?

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