Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Wedding Gift- Gift Card Giving Can Be Unique

My husband's cousin got married last summer and like many modern couples, they lived together for awhile beforehand. While they did create a registry our family decided to pool our resources and give the second most appreciated gift (1st being CASH), gift cards. Being ME, we couldn't just stick cards in an envelope and hand it over.. I had to Pretty it up!!

I created a "booklet" if you will with pockets to hold cards for different occasions that might come up during their first year of marriage. I grabbed a couple pieces of card stock from a stack so they all matched, some bling stickers and my trusty glue stick.

(you can click on images to view larger to see text if necessary)
 INSIDE explaining the gift
WINE store
 TARGET card

The wedding was last June so hopefully I remembered all the store names correctly but you can use whatever you or the recipient would like.

To tie it all together, I used a large green satin bow! Voila.. who says gift cards are tacky.. sometimes it's all about the presentation and care that goes into the giving. 

A few days later I used this same idea to create another gift package.. stay tuned! 

p.s. these books aren't something I create for sale. There are lots of tutorials online for "Books for Gift cards". I would seek one out to help you with paper sizing.. it was a bunch of folding to create one long accordion with a wrap around cover..the pockets were created by cutting smaller pieces of card stock and gluing the sides. The result was pretty and worth the work. 

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