Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Party

On October 21st we attend our annual MOMS Club Halloween party. It was so much fun seeing all of our little cheeky monkey's friend's wearing their costumes. A few weeks prior, the hostess contacted me to work on decor. She didn't have any guidelines, just said "go for it".... here's what I came up with.

(You may click on any images to enlarge to see details)

One of my favorites is water bottle labels. I overheard one mom say she was sad she didn't get one... aw! A few on the table really make an impact and although they are covered by packing tape (little secret) they aren't officially waterproof so don't submerge. Instead keep cool and place out just before the party What I've found is most people don't mind (and some prefer) room temperature water.

Fry Boxes... kids and adults love them. They're easy to hold and you can use them for almost anything... little sandwiches with the crusts cut off, popcorn, or in this case, every two year old's favorite, GOLDFISH!

This Trick or Treat banner was really fun and could easily be cut out and pasted. I purchased sparkly card stock to give it a little pizzaz! This could easily be folded up and tucked away for next year. I love the look a food table with banner behind it. Everyone always hangs out there so why not decorate the walls too?! Random Bats and witches were also taped around the room.

My snack contribution was cupcakes. Normally I would leave that to the baking moms (and I did leave it to the grocery store) but I really wanted to use the cupcake toppers that I created. What a great way to again, a personal touch whether it's for a birthday or a MOMS Club Halloween party. Starbucks stir sticks cut on half are the perfect size for a cupcake topper!

When I saw this "Boo" "Spooky" banner online I couldn't way to try it out. I still can't figure out how it only cost her $2 but I did have fun with my first paper/felt project. First I cut out all the letters and ghosts bats and corn on card stock. Then I hot glued them to felt on the wrong side and cut around. My glue gun broke (boo) but I managed to get the project finished and sewn together with a bright yellow floss. I almost wanted to keep this one for myself! It was a lot of work to work with the felt and all the sewing and probably could have just as easily been done in all paper and tied together with colorful ribbon but I'm glad I tried it because the results were very cute!

I've been searching high and low for the creator of this SVG (if it's yours please contact me so I can add credits). I'm a HUGE fan of word art, sometimes called Subway art. Usually I just print them out and frame but I found a cut file that I could use with the Cricut that cut just beautifully. I added a little MOMS Club in a slime font to fill up my frame. oooohhhhh!!!

I did create a fun Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin game but with all the candy and action, we never got around to playing it. I did see a version of this at Target for $5 or so that would be just as fun as a homemade one. But this was a pretty easy project and could be done last minute. Just cut out yellow triangles and write name before they play. Glue dots would make easy work for pinning too.

This Front Door Welcome Sign was a combination of two free SVG files found online. I used sparkle and matte card stock that had a fantastic result. Witch Legs and Witch Silhouette The text was created in SCAL and cut out on black card stock.

As you see, working in personalized items with store bought things can really give you a big wow factor and impress your friends. Although these days most things are made using my Cricut but every now again, I cut by hand. Small scissors are the key to accurate cuts. Printing things out using your word processing program (flip text before printing) and then cutting out doesn't always take that much more time.

If you're looking for decor for your next party, start by searching online for ideas or just contact me, I have TONS! :)

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