Thursday, October 27, 2011

More Closet Dividers

After giving the jungle closet dividers to my girlfriend's daughter for her shower, she contacted me to make two sets for her to give to friends that were expecting.

One set was to match the NoJo bedding Zoom Cars link and the other was turtles (no bedding specified). While I don't own the rights to the NoJo Cars and patterns used for the bedroom sets, I did my best to match and create. It's a bit of mix matched patterns but I think they turned out cute.

The turtles set was a little easier because I just created two paper patterns and used on the turtle and the backs. At first I had smaller eyes on the turtles but something didn't look quite right. After changing them, I realized they were much cuter!

It may seem with so few posts I haven't been active but I've been EXTREMELY busy working on projects for my soon to be 3 year old's birthday party... It going to be amazing (if I do say so myself). Lots and lots of projects that I hope will impress the party-goers.

I also worked on party decor for a MOMS Club party that I'll post about next.


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