Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Eat Drink Bowl- Bowling Birthday Party

We've had a very busy past couple of months!

Back in March my super great friend Sarah's husband was going to celebrate his 40th birthday. He's such a fun outgoing guy and she wanted to do something special for such an important milestone.

She came up with a bowling party.. mind you, this was no ordinary bowling party! With the help of Park Talk Printables, she created a fabulous evening that was both sophisticated and fun.
We incorporated Retro Bowling with a modern twist.

Sarah and the Birthday Boy, Scott
The evening started with drinks and dinner at their house. She created an amazing burger bar filled with any and all toppings imaginable. Each bowl had a funny tag that had guests chuckling as they created their burgers.

bowling ball napkin rings were super easy to create.. just black cardstock circles, a white pen and red polka dot ribbon

It's not how you bowl, it's how you roll!
Lots of banners were used to fill up the kitchen, living room and bar spaces.

The bar was very cute. We created a menu for martinis and check out this super cute shot Sarah created.... cute and yummy it was mixture of malibu rum and gelatin.

Turns out Scott is talented in the art of party decor.. he created these cake pop stands... super cute right? If you'd like your own just ask, we're going to start selling them! Look for them shortly in my Esty store.

In one we had cake pops and the other, chocolate dipped marshmallows with colored sugar to match the party decor. The party goers loved them both. A cake pop (or anything on a stick for that matter) is so easy to pick up a bite or two and not have to fuss with your drink or dropping a plate.

As I was saying, the party started at their house but then we rode in a limo to Lucky Strike in Hollywood... bowled a few games and then were taken back to their house. If you've never been there, put it on your list of fun date nights or a special night out with friends. It was perfect for the celebration.

Every once in awhile you think you have a great idea but then forget it during the actual party.... it happens to the best of us! I created these cute bowling pin cookies and covered with fondant. We were going to hand them out at the end of the night in the limo for those late night munchies but alas they were left on the kitchen counter. We ended up picking up a pizza (I'll spare you THOSE photos!) :)

Sarah and Angela enjoying a martini with dry ice

Everyone had a really great time. Sarah knows how to throw a fabulous party and make all her guests feel special. I was glad to be a part of the fun!

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