Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Easter 2012

It seems like every year we have more and more egg hunts to attend. Not complaining because we have fun at each and every one...we have MOMS Club party, a preschool hunt, the city's Eggstravaganza, and this year we were invited to a friend's family celebration. I didn't want to attend empty handed and I really wanted to use my new cake pop stand so this is what I created. Peeps on a stick!

I wasn't able to find anything green or gummy to use for the carrot tops so I improvised with paper.. they turned out super cute and couldn't have been easier.
I also didn't want to pay for orange sugar.. some sugars you KNOW you'll use again, like red or green but wasn't sure about orange. Instead, I made my own... just took regular white sugar and food coloring.. after mixing to a color I could live with (more of a copper) I spread it out on a cookie sheet to dry... EASY!

I ended up having extra peeps and decided to make a little something for our neighbors.. they're always sharing a wave and a smile and yummy avocados. A few peeps on a stick wasn't a big deal but they really appreciated how cute it was. This would make a cute and inexpensive gift for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Because we were invited to a brunch, I also needed to bring food to share. I found these Bunny Buns online. While I didn't use her recipe, I thought they were adorable! 

Here's my final product... any bread dough will work, but these Butterhorns from Money Saving Mom are a family favorite. For one I did a cinnamon-sugar dusting and the other an orange/butter glaze. I love how puffy their little tails got!

Apparently great minds think alike because my girlfriend brought this cute cake to share. She said it was suppose to look like a sunflower using chick peeps but I think it turned out great as is..

This year's festivities were fun and filled with yummy treats for everyone!

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