Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Healthy 60th Birthday Surprise Party

On Sunday I helped put together a great surprise party for my girlfriend Sarah's, mom's 60th birthday.

Despite the threat of a windy day in the morning, the weather was perfect for a hike and lunch afterwards at Sarah's house.

Guests with mimosas in hand, met Susie and her family at six different stations as they walked along a local trail. Susie has adopted a healthy lifestyle and her daughter wanted to celebrate her beautiful life with friends and family in a memorable way. I have a feeling this a party Susie, nor her guests will soon forget!

The Hostess Sarah (on right) and husband Scott (on left), Birthday Girl Susie (middle)
Each trail marker depicted a time in Susie's life

Cooler signs directed guests on which marker to stop at. Guests were sent out in groups of 7-10.

Guests were handed a customized water bottle (shown below) and asked to join friends and family at one of the stations where they found a cooler with mimosas and trail mix inside.

Susie was very surprised at stop number one and then so excited to see all that had come at the remaining stops. Lots of hugs and cheers for the birthday girl along the entire trail!

Guests then either walked or got back into their cars and joined everyone back at Sarah's house.

Did I tell you that's where they left for the hike? Not a trace of a party to be found. In little more than once hour, myself and three of Sarah's girlfriends transformed her backyard into a party with lanterns, blue and green tablecloths, burlap runners, potted plants, and pinwheels.

Some of the invite details were put on the parking sign.

Thumbprint Guest Book using "Susie's tree"
Cold cuts and salads from a local deli were delicious!

Some of the table decor.. I got a new tool!! Look out, I can now burn wood!
We were a little worried about the wind, but they made the pinwheels spin beautifully!

The tree was used throughout the party!
Everyone had such a great time and I got many thank yous! It was fun being a party coordinator AND a guest! :) My daughter calls Susie "Mimi" just like Bella. How could I not make "Mimi's" birthday special? She's a special lady that deserved all the love and attention she received.

Wait until you see my post on all the  details and how we put it all together!

Happy Healthy 60th Birthday Susie!

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